Conservatories have been a constant favorite for everybody to hang out with; it can function as a living room, a dining room – a relaxation room, most of all. Couple it up with a splendid interior design and you are all set!

In what ways then can you make your conservatory look and feel terrific to stay in?

First, you have to have an overall plan for it. You might want it to be just a seating room or you might be open for it to be otherwise. Nevertheless, if you take in account the purpose of your conservatory, it will then be easier to decide on other factors, like the picking out of furniture. Say, you choose to go minimal in both color and style, or the opposite, to go loud and bold, then you can definitely narrow down the choices when you go shopping.

Think about the arrangement of everything as well. Of course, space may vary; some of you may have a larger space than others, so in consideration of your own area, you have to wisely position your things so as to fully maximize it. Be careful not to overcrowd. It would be better for a conservatory or any other room, really, to have enough, if not more, space so that you are free to move comfortably.

With the glass windows and doors that surround the conservatory, sunlight and other light sources from the outside can simply seep in. Now, as much as we love some light from the sun (especially during sunrise and/or sunset), it becomes disturbing in the long run. This is the same as well during cold months; the conservatory turns into a place that is uninviting because of the chill.

The solution for these conditions will then be utilizing blinds. These window and door furnishings can help in controlling the temperature, whether it is hot or cold. The perfect fit blinds for conservatories would be subjective, since there are different types such as the roller blinds and the vertical blinds, and people have varying standards.

A recommended step would be to purchase blinds that do not require drilling. With them, your window frames remain without a scratch and installation will certainly be quick and easy. Using blinds do not have to be boring too because miscellaneous colors and styles are readily available in the market. Whatever the concept of your conservatory is, you will surely find blinds that will be suitable and proper.

With blinds, you can also protect yourself and your family. They are very much effective in providing you your privacy and security. You can prevent outsiders from looking into your house and worse, devising plans to rob and steal, just with this move. So, it is a major suggestion to put them up not only in your conservatory but everywhere in the home.

It pays to be environmental friendly too. You can light up the atmosphere and aura of your conservatory with plants and flowers. It just does not beautify but it gives you fresh air to breathe. You are able to feel nature within the four walls.

The Importance Of Window Blinds For Setting The Lighting and Style in a Room

Have you truly understood what window blinds London can do for you and your home? You might think simply of these home fixtures but they do have their great purposes.

A common use of blinds would be to cover windows for privacy and security. You wouldn’t want people outside looking into your home, right? Another would be to manage the light that comes into the home. These approaches are no doubt correct.

Nevertheless, window blinds can be an essential factor in changing and updating the look of the room into a more stylish one. To begin with, when you decide to install blinds and start to shop for them, you must be clear on what you prefer. Five categories of blinds are as follows: Venetian blinds, the Roller blinds, the Roman blinds, the Pleated blinds and the Vertical blinds. These are plastic, wood, fabric or metal types that you can choose from. This is important because this can considerably alter the look and even the mood of your room.

Now, when shopping for these decorations, it is necessary to know the measurements – how big, how small, how wide, how long – your blinds are. There are made to measure blinds available but if there aren’t offered ones that fit your window panels, there are made to measure blinds as well. Get blinds that are just the right size for the dimensions of your window. If you do otherwise, aside from making the room look unpleasant, it will also allow unnecessary light inside.

Speaking of light, and as mentioned before, window blinds will be helpful in dealing with it. With blinds, you can clearly opt to open or close them – if you want the light in or not. Furthermore, they are effective in controlling the room temperature. For instance, during summer, to avoid heating up the room because of the sun rays coming in, you can just easily shut it down and stay cool in the shade. Alternatively, when it’s cold, the blinds are able to keep in heat as well.

Your choice of blinds will also reflect your personality. You can go for simple and minimal or you can go crazy on prints and patterns. If you want elegant and tasteful styles, you might want to take into consideration the blinds London offers. There are different designs and varying colors out there that you can take your pick from.

In any case, the blinds you select must cater to your needs, primarily, but then they must also express your interests and character because otherwise, you will be the one to regret. The window blinds are fixtures in your home that you will keep on seeing everyday. When visitors come, they will be seeing them as well so get those that are pleasant looking and calming, not to mention matching and blending with the overall look and feel of the home.

Remember that blinds may be conventional decorations but they can make or break your home’s beauty. Take your time and let your persona stand out through your window blinds!

garden designHow will you transform your garden so that the whole family will enjoy staying outdoors and enjoy the morning sunshine or afternoon breeze? One of the best ways to do this is to use the patio and the garden as a space for comfortable reading or seating area to entertain a small group or eat with the family. After the landscape gardeners leeds have finished in making your garden a breathtaking spectacle of nature, the next step would be to choose outdoor or patio furniture.

Deciding on patio furniture is no easy task. To take it lightly means to risk a good amount of money for an outcome that may not produce the desired effect of your patio or garden. You can confer with garden designers for this task or browse online magazine sites for ideas.

The patio and the garden are place where you can entertain guests. It is also a place where you can gather the family for a simple lunch or dinner. In most cases, it will be one of the most favorite spots of your children for academic activities like practice for a school play or reading their school books. In fact, it can also be a place for small family gatherings as well as one-on-one small talks with them.

In some cases, the garden or patio deck can also serve as a small office for entrepreneurs starting out their business on interior design, architecture or landscaping businesses. It is the perfect place to showcase one’s talent and skills in designing or decorating.

Choosing garden and patio furniture may be difficult for home owners, especially if it’s their first time. There are a couple of things to consider before finally deciding on a set of furniture.  For instance when deciding for wall mounted fountains, it is not only beauty that is needed to taken into consideration. It is important to take note that the beauty of a garden or patio design does not rely on the cost of the materials or furniture.

Materials and Affordability. It is natural for home owners to choose items based on their aesthetic beauty and affordability. However, there are additional factors to take into account when getting the patio upgraded in terms of furniture and design. For instance, the least costly type of wall mounted fountains is made of resin and fiberglass, not to mention, more durable. Resins are known to be lightweight and durable. It is the best choice for wall mounted fountains that is meant to be installed outdoors. Resin materials are known to withstand extreme heat and cold. It can withstand heat up to 212 degrees Farenheit or 100 degrees Centigrade. On the other hand, it can withstand cold of up to -40 degrees Farenheit or -40 degrees Centigrade.

Lighting Fixtures. If you have plans to install additional lighting fixtures for the wall mounted fountains resin materials are still the best choice. It has it the advantage of compatibility with electrical wiring, thus providing safe alternatives as well as economical choice for the wise home owner.

Before you finally purchase your first set of furniture or design, take into consideration its appropriateness with the over-all interior design. It does not need an in-depth knowledge to know whether the wall mounted fountain will fit or the Mexican throw rug is appropriate. Common sense, most of the time is needed to decipher if your choice of furniture and accessories will fit perfectly with the over-all aura of your patio.

relaxationHarmony is one aspect in life that is difficult to achieve. To achieve it, one must learn balance between work and leisure. Like any scale, if a certain part contains more than the other, it will tip off the scale – in life, you are the scale.

Nothing comes close to the relaxed and fresh feeling that a warm bath provides. Because we are so busy with our everyday tasks, we tend to forget how to unwind and see sleep as the only means to revive our strength for the next week’s work schedule.

The bathroom can be a sanctuary where you can ease off tired muscles and let the tiredness of the week’s workload’s effects slowly dissipate. Do not worry that your bathroom is a small one. You can always have it re-arranged looking like a spa to further enhance your bath time comfort and relaxation. Here’s how:

If you have a bath tub, purchase some bath scents or essential oils the next time you drop by the grocery store. Choose the types that emit scents of relaxation to reduce the stress that you feel. You can also opt for richly scented candles that permeate the room with desirable scents without even lighting the wick. Intensify the scent of lighting one candle. To avoid disappointing yourself, make sure that the supplies you will need to afford a relaxing bath are readily available. Stock supplies up for a week or two, depending on your usage. Wholesale candles are much cheaper when purchased in bulk, which is a good way of limiting your expenses aside from assuring having a continuous supply of bath essentials.

The bedroom and other areas of the room that provides privacy can also furnish you a place to let aching and stiff muscles to relax. People who are busy with their careers rarely had the time to loosen up even if they cannot afford the financial aspect of it. Time is one facet of a career person’s life that is almost always used up such that relaxation comes last on the list and frequently, forgotten.

Many people do not see that the home as a place to unwind, simply because they have children who at times, demand their time and attention. Sometimes, when children are still young, the home environment can only be quiet when the kids are all asleep. An individual who works so hard and goes home too tired or strung up to get a restful sleep, find it hard to do so – even if everyone is fast asleep. This is because the muscles are so tight and the brain is so stimulating for processing and thinking that even if the eyes wanted shut down time, you still cannot sleep. Your brain is so worked up to relax.

Have you ever experienced sleeping on your work clothes, and waking up with them? You felt so tried that all you want to do is lie down. However, did you notice how some parts of your body still ache even if you were able to sleep? You can feel this at the back of your head or the nape, shoulder blades, your arms and sometimes at the hips. People who work in offices and spend long hours facing the computer experience this as well as a dull yet noticeable soreness of the wrist.

If you have the budget, renovation can be a source of joy. Having your own bathroom can help you ease down on a warm bath tub to ease your aching muscles at the end of the day. This way, you don’t have to wait for the person in the bath to finish before you afford yourself the much needed time out. Sometimes having a beautiful and inviting bathroom makes it easy for an individual to relax easier. You can add some soft music to play to help for relaxation as well as your favorite books carefully set in the bathroom to afford the relaxation you need.

For anyone to be able to function at their optimum level, one must find time to ease off the day’s work, no matter how short the time. It’s not the length of time that you give yourself a break, but the quality of it. Relaxation should be an everyday routine of an individual who spends most of his daytime highly strung up with work stress. It will help him prepare for the next day by resetting the brain and relaxing the body. If having your own bathroom where you can relax is not possible, you can always go to your health club to get that awesome massage.

Abbotsbury Sub Tropical GardensAre you fond of beautiful gardens? If you are, you should see some of the most beautiful garden designs in London and the UK. There are quite a number of them and visiting them may involve a week-long of touring them and enjoying the beauty and nature they provide. If you own a large land and is considering to get landscape gardeners kilburn, you should get some great ideas from these gardens:

Boughton House. The original Boughton House was a monastery. However, Chief Justice Sir Edward Montagu of King Henry VIII’s court purchased it in 1528, just before the dissolution of the monasteries. It was then converted into a mansion through the work of the first Duke of Montagu, Duke Ralph Montagu. It is one of the best preserved stately homes. It also contains most outstanding collections of fine art and a great array of furniture, tapestries, porcelain and carpets. These are usually seen adoring the State Rooms and Halls of this house. It boasts an 18th century landscaped garden by the Dutch gardener Van der Meulen. Behind the house is a rose circular garden and a rectangular pond.  This garden is bordered by herbaceous plants.

Hidcote Manor. Originally American-owned, this garden was created by American horticulturist Major Lawrence Johnston. The property was purchased by Johnston’s mother, Mrs. Gertrude Winthrop. The garden’s design was influenced by Lawrence Johnston’s interest in the work of English artists and landscape painter Alfred William Parsons and British horticulturist and artist Gertrude Jekyll. The garden consisted of outdoor rooms with mazes of narrow paved pathway and secret gardens. Visitors can sit and enjoy the view with its ornate benches as well as enjoy a picnic in the wilderness with a secluded stretch of tall trees. Within the garden can be found the traditional thatched stone cottages, that once served as the residence for the Johnston gardeners. Visitors can reach this through the path called Monarch’s way. This garden is now owned by the National Trust and is open to the public.

The Beth Chatto Gardens. This garden was originally the Chatto’s family fruit farm which covers roughly 7 acres. The garden construction began in 1960 when farming became impossible because of the inconsistent condition of the soil. The soil’s condition was so bad that the only plants living in the farm were oak trees that borders the garden. The same garden inspired the British plantswoman and garden designer Beth Chatto to write books on gardening for different types of soil, especially those soils that pose a problem for planting and making plants survive.

Abbotsbury Sub Tropical Gardens. Abbotsbury is a village in the English county of Dorset. The village is well known of swannery and the subtropical gardens as well as historic stone buildings. The garden is located in a wooded and sheltered valley, composed of 8 hectares or 20 acres of exotic plants. Visitors who would want to see the difference of formal and informal gardens can appreciate it with these gardens. It boasts woodland walks and walled gardens as well as plants that can survive in different zones. The same garden won the Historic Houses Association or Christie’s Garden of the Year Award for 2012. It was the first time that a subtropical garden to receive an award.

Elderly Home CareIt has been said, a man without a plan is planning to fail. Quite true, especially when you are designing your home to make it environmentally friendly for your elderly parents. Stress is the number one reason why planning should be done carefully, not just for to avoid stress for you, but for the elderly and kids alike. As such, it is vital that you consider all the factors that will help to design a home that is friendly for elderly people to achieve success. Regardless of how you would like the home for your elderly parents, these are the steps that you should take into account:

 Assessment. Assess the present condition of the home. Look into the factors that may pose a danger and risk for injury to the elderly. When you have thoroughly assessed the home, look for alternative solutions and jot them down in a paper. This will help you objectively see how much needs to be done and how the changes will take place. Assess the amount of renovation or modification that needs to be done. Ask varied quotations from contractors depending on the amount of work that you want. Compare their quotations and perks of their offer before making a decision. Consider the option of having an elderly care at home instead of renovation. It may be the easiest and cost efficient choice for you.

 Planning. Where will the elderly stay while the renovations are undergoing? This is one of the most important questions that you need to plan ahead before you call in the contractors. You can have the elderly taken care of at a facility that caters to caring for the elderly. This way, the elderly do not have to go through the stress of seeing and getting confused with the renovations going on inside the home. One of the important aspects of any renovations is a contingency plan. Make sure that should an emergency happen like the contractor cannot finish the project, or there are incidental changes that need to be addressed immediately, you have an existing plan of action.

 Implementation. When you have called in the contractors and the renovations are underway, it is also important that you check in from time to time the progress. This is to ensure that everything that was agreed upon are being carried on to the letter. Do not hesitate to call the attention of the supervisor or the workers should you notice that something is amiss.

 Evaluation. After everything has been done, check the quality of the work. Check if the changes that were meant to make the elderly move around the house safely are aptly carried out. Try to consult with someone who already made changes with their home to suit for the elderly so that you would know if you’ve made the appropriate changes.

Designing a home that is safe for the elderly will both require money, energy and time. With proper planning, hard-earned money, time and energy will be well spent with minimal wastage.


A title caught my attention about a bed up for $2million (!!) I took a look at the picture and lo and behold! How could an old piece of bed offer such an exorbitant amount at an auction? Then I read on and discovered that Tracey Emin, from the Young British Artist, was the artist. Rings a bell? Her work, Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963-1995 was shown in 1997 at the Royal Academy in London.


Undoubtedly, in today’s contemporary art, such a piece exist and it does fetch up to $2 million at auction. Apparently, the controversial bed is to be auctioned at Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Art Sale in London on July 1 this year. “My Bed” by Tracey Emin may not have won the Turner Price back in 1999 but people noticed and remembered. An unmade bed, littered with vacant containers, cigarettes, condoms and knickers, does not appear like the tableaux for a million-dollar masterpiece. Who wishes to check out another person’s garbage impersonating as art, doubters most certainly decry, let alone acquire it for an amount of cash normally booked for large homes and boats?


(FILES) A file picture taken on August 1


The art is suggested to be confessional. “Tracey shows us her own bed, in all its embarrassing glory,” Saatchi Gallery explains online. “Empty booze bottles, fag butts, stained sheets, worn panties: the bloody aftermath of a nervous breakdown. By presenting her bed as art, Tracey Emin shares her most personal space, revealing she’s as insecure and imperfect as the rest of the world.”

Remebering her bed, Emin stated to The New York City Times in 2012: “I was thinking, with the cigarettes, that’s so unusual since I do not smoke any longer. I haven’t made love for several years, and there’s this prophylactic. God, there’s a tampon, and I haven’t had a period for many years. There’s my ex-boyfriend’s weeds, I would certainly never be with any individual that smokes cannabis now; there’s a liquor bottle, and I don’t drink spirits … I could really smell the past.”.

The piece is like a piece of life circa the late 1990s, that’s particular to the person, lady and artist Emin was at the start of her profession.

“It’s an unusual sensation, a good sensation,” she added. “This ghost of me was still there.”.

All proceeds will help fund Saatchi Gallery. It is owned by Charles Saatchi, a British arts dealer and YBA supporter. His gallery maintains a free entry policy and also sponsors free education programs for schools in London.

Fancy a bed reminding of the past that costs an arm and a leg?


Depending on the roofing framework and preparation constraints, a loft conversion is one of the most uncomplicated means of getting extra area. Mostly all homes could gain from this extension with a little bit of basic planning.

Is my loft suitable for conversion?

The functions that will decide the suitability of the roof covering area for conversion are the offered head elevation, the pitch and the kind of structure, and also any hurdles such as water containers or chimney. An assessment of the roofing space will reveal its structure and bodily measurements.

Head Height: Take a dimension from all-time low of the ridge wood to the leading of the ceiling joist; the useable component of the roof must be higher than 2.2 m. Fora  low head elevation room, there could be two remedies:increase the roof or reduce the ceiling in the room below.

Pitch Angle: The greater the pitch angle, the greater the main head height is likely to be, and if dormers are used or the roof covering is upgraded, then the floor location can be improved.

Sort of Structure: Two primary frameworks are used for roof construction– particularly standard mounted kind (usually built in 1960s homes) and truss section kind. The standard mounted could be quickly, and reasonably inexpensively, opened up by boosting the rafters and adding supports as specified by a structural designer. The latter would entail rebuilding whe loft with steel beam at the ridge.


Other considerations would be: windows (necessary for ventilation), staircase, insulation and fire safety.

Planning and redesigning your loft would save you a lot of space and more comfort if used as room or gallery or simply a study. This video provides more information on your plans for loft conversion: